All these webinar series were conducted under the guidance of JSS, HSR LAYOUT, BENGALURU, and Principal Mrs. Geetika Kharola.

Children got a widespread information about career connect in various fields like banking, future of energy, law, army, adolescence etc. Now, children are aware of choosing themselves the right path after their 12+.

They also experienced the various opportunities that are exposed for the new generations. It was a very good platform for those children and they were exposed to ask questions and they clarified their doubts.

Looking forward for still more webinars like this.

Thank you

Principal Ma’am (JSS, HSR) and Dr. Sumukh Sir (Mysore) for the technical support.










Guest Speaker
1 19-06-2021


Health and Wellness session awareness for parents


Introduction of Health and wellness Team, Emotional well being, Importance of well being Dr. Sudeep, Dr. Trishala, Mrs. Aarti


2 15-07-2021


Smart phone addiction among parents and teens


Smart phone addiction among teens and prevention Dr. Trishala and Dr. Sudeep


3 09-02-2021 Health and Wellness session awareness for parents


Counselling and its benefits,Positive affirmation and its importance, Body safety rules Mrs. Aarti, Dr. Sudeep


4 16-09-2021


Decision making skills among adolescents


Decision making skills among adolescents,How and when to take decisions, what factors should be taken under consideration. Dr. Sudeep.